Hi there! I'm Angie, your virtual home stager. Back in 2017, I started my virtual home staging business from scratch. Initially, I served a small number of customers, but now I've successfully assisted over 700 customers, including many repeat clients. Being passionate about the real estate industry, I predicted that cost-effective virtual home staging would become a popular trend among realtors. I'm a proud small business owner based in the stunning New England region.

I strive to go above and beyond to ensure that every customer I interact with has a positive experience with my virtual home staging services. This means actively listening to their needs, addressing any concerns they may have, and finding solutions to meet their expectations. I believe that exceptional customer service is not just about meeting the basic requirements, but also about creating a memorable and personalized experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Feel free to reach out to me by calling or sending a text to 603-767-2111. You can also send me an email at

I am excited to collaborate with you!

Woman-Owned Small Business proudly operated in the USA

Meet Angie, Your Virtual Home Stager